Color checking

You are Brown Koala who does not try to make yourself look grand.
You are naturally good natured, and although you tend to be bit
aloof from the world, you have warmness that attracts people.
You are a person of integrity.
People think you as someone who is always by their side.
You give an impression of someone easy to get on with.
You have grace and intelligence, and there&#039s something about you
that makes other people admire you.
You have a very sensitive personality.
You may have cried your eyes out by watching an emotional film.
Your sensitiveness makes you not trust others easily.
But even if you can not trust them, you will not get in a conflict.
You think high of your senses and a will power to put into action.
You are extremely good at handling work as well as personal relationships.
You dislike having to bow down to authority.
You have a strong will to stand against something that is unreasonable,
and will refuse orders even if it is from your boss.
You have a fighting spirit that you don&#039t show often.
You tend to place your self a step back in a society, so you lack
ambition and a desire to succeed.
But because of this, you don&#039t have desire for material things, and
will gain trust of the others.

You are kind to those around you, and hard on yourself.