TapFighters- Have fun with your fingers!

TapFighters is an Castle Defencing game of iphone. There are walls around, and with the enemies from 4 sides to offend us, we should protect the crystal in the castle.

There are 3 kinds of maps and 2 kinds of enemies now.

The mission of us is to defend the castle as long as possible! And we can compare with gamer all around the world.

This is the full view. It is important to change your defending side quickly because we don't know where the enemies will come.

In addition to hit enemies, we can swipe the enemies, but it's less poweful.

There is a cannon in the middle of the wall, when we get these bullets below, we can use powerful attack.

Hold weapon button a little while to change or enable weapon.

Then we can use poweful attack!

Shock and clear all animals while this buttonbecome opaque.

And it's also important to add your HP with the red cross icon.

Hope you can have fun with the game!!!

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